Members of Board of Trustees

‌Members of Board of Trustees of University of Kashan include: 
  1. Dr. Mohammad Farhadi (Minister of Science, Research, and Technology) – Head of the board;
  2. Dr. Ali Asghar Rostami Abu Saeedi (advisor to the Minister and Head of Board of Trustees’ Center and Board of Audit);
  3. Dr. Hossein Asgarian (Head of Permanent Commission of Board of Trustees of the university);
  4. Dr. Ali Alahyar Torkaman (Representative of the Deputy of Planning and Strategic Supervision);
  5. Dr. Abbas Zerraat (University Chancellor) – secretary of Board of Trustees;
  6. Dr. Shariati Nyasar (Adviser to the Head of Boards of Trustees Affairs and members of the Board of Trustees);
  7. Dr. Behzad Soltani;
  8. Dr. Ahmad Fahimifar;
  9. Dr. Hossein Mahluji;
  10. Ali Saeedi.