In the Name of Allah, The Most Compassionate, The Most Merciful

Iran is an ancient land with a great civilization and bright background. It is one of the greatest countries of the ancient world and for a long period of time, the books written by Iranian Muslim scientists were taught in the best and the most important academic centers of the world and the humanity has always enjoyed their discoveries and inventions. Currently it has also girded up its loins to reach the pinnacles of development, particularly in the field of new sciences and technologies and in this way, thanks to the splendid Islamic Revolution, it has attained considerable achievements during the last 43 years.  Kashan, an important city, of great reputation and pious and learned people, is located at the heart of Iran. It is a city of great history, distinguished scientists, dynamic industries, and numerous scientific centers.

The University of Kashan, with a history of about five decades, is the first and the biggest institution of higher education in the region. A lively university with 305 full-time energetic faculty members, ebullient and diligent students, with good educational facilities, and with notable research achievements.

The vision for Kashan University in 2025 is to be among the top 5 universities in Iran with the most innovative, entrepreneurial, and international activities.

The present booklet is a brief introduction to this central scientific institution which seeks to make great strides in the road to the development of itself and elevation of knowledge in global levels due to the collaboration and communication and conclusion of memorandums of agreement and understanding in educational, research, and technological fields with national and international scientific centers, and the exchange of students and of faculty members.

Dr. Abbas Ketabi


University of Kashan