FAQs for International Students

Important Note: This FAQs are for international students at University of Kashan. Iranian students can access Farsi website for more info.

  • General Info
  • How many students does the University of Kashan have? What is their nationality?

There are currently more than 8000 students studying at various faculties of the university, the majority of which are Iranians. Other students are from Afghanistan and Iraq. The rest are from the middle east.

  • How many students attend each class?

This depends on department but generally, at BA/BSc level, this varies from 15 up to 40 students and in MA/MSc and PhD classes, this is at a maximum number of 10.

  • Can I apply for a part-time program at the University of Kashan?

No. The University of Kashan does NOT admit students for part-time courses.

  • Does the University offer online courses?

During the pandemic, we had to hold classes on an online basis but not anymore. Classes are held in person and full-time.

  • Does the university offer summer semester course for international students?

Yes. For more info, contact your department.

  • Can I meet with the authorities at the University of Kashan?

Of course. Just visit the administrative offices.

  • Where can I find the courses at the University of Kashan?

They are available at our website: CLICK HERE.

  • Academic Calander
  • What is the latest date for admission?

Admissions are open prior to each semester begins, given the fact that the international student have the necessary documents supporting their fluency in Farsi.

  • How many times can I apply for admission at the university?

You can apply 2 times at the university.

  • I have not yet received my degree from the previous institute I was majored in; can I apply at your university?

You will be admitted to the institute conditionally; upon the submission of your degree, you will be allowed to continue.

  • Can I transfer my credits from another university to the University of Kashan?

Yes, upon the confirmation of the vice-chancellor for education at the university.

  • Processes
  • Where can I get the admission form?

On the International Scientific Cooperation Office Page: (Click Here)

  • Is there anything I should know before applying?

There is a webpage you can visit on “useful information for international students”: (Click Here)

  • Can I be exempted from paying the tuition fees?

No. Only scholarship students are fully exempted from paying tuition fees. Of course, elite students (those who rank top 3 at the class) can benefit from discounts on their tuition fees.

  • How can I make sure I have been admitted to the university?

Contact our staff at International Scientific Cooperation Office.

  • When will you announce the results of my admission request?

Admission processes at our University takes up to a month; upon confirmation or denial, our staff will contact you via email or on WhatsApp.

  • If I have been admitted to the university, can I postpone my studies for a whole academic year? (Leave of absence)

Yes. You can submit your request to the Director of Education Affairs office. They will inform you of the results.

  • Documents
  • I am an alumnus of the University of Kashan; it’s been years since my last contact with the professors at the university, how can I contact them?

You can find their personal webpage HERE or contact our international office staff to find the info for you.

  • Should I translate my admission documents to English?

The University of Kashan accepts documents in Arabic, English and Farsi.

  • Can I apply to your university via email? (without visiting the campus)

Yes. Just keep in mind that all the courses are taught in-person.

  • What are the criteria for admission at the University of Kashan?

Academic competency, admission documents and saamfaa certificate.

  • How is the University of Kashan’s ranking nationally and internationally?

University of Kashan has been ranked 1st among all public state universities of Iran in THE ranking (Times Higher Education Ranking).

  • Whose recommendation letter do you accept?

Faculty member of renowned universities of your country.

  • Who will process the applications at the University of Kashan?

The International Scientific Cooperation Office submits your fully checked request to each department; the department decides who will be admitted to the university. This process usually takes up to one month to complete.

  • Is there an interview for applications?

For certain courses, upon the request of the department, you might be requested to attend an online interview.

  • Are international students admitted on a separate basis compared to Iranians?

Yes, the institute processes international requests by academic competency. The final decision on admissions are confirmed by the departments.

  • Can I just attend certain courses and forgo the rest? Is it obligatory to attend classes?

University of Kashan has published a notice on course attendance; it is obligatory to attend all classes in person; there are no online courses for this semester. (Click Here for the Notice)

  • I got admitted to the University of Kashan. For personal reasons, I need to withdraw from my academic course and drop out. What can I do?

Submit your request to the Academic Affairs Office. They will give you the results within a week.

  • I submitted my request after the submission deadlines, is there a chance I can be admitted still?

Contact our staff at International Scientific Cooperation Office. They will let you know what can be done.

  • I have submitted my request more than a month ago, no one has reached to me for my request. Am I just rejected?

Probably not. Contact our staff at International Scientific Cooperation Office. They will let you know of your request.

  • I graduated from the University of Kashan a few years ago. How can I get a confirmation for my work place or next institution?

You can contact our email int.office@kashanu.ac.ir and submit your request. We usually confirm certificates within a week.

  • Rules and Regulations
  • What are the prerequisites of applying at your institute?

Fluency in Farsi certificate (called “Saamfaa”) and the documents from your previous institute (certificate, transcript, etc.).

  • If I am already proficient in Farsi, do I need to acquire Saamfaa certificate?

If you can talk in Farsi, please contact our staff. They will help you with your request.

  • Do you offer any special admission plans for any regions or institutes?


  • Is there an age limit for applying?


  • Financial Support
  • Does the university offer scholarship or financial support?

Only the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran introduce scholarship students. Of course, you might be under the scholarship of another institute from your county; submit their document upon application.

  • Does the university grant any personal or travel expenses?


  • Tuition Fees or Expenses
  • How much is the tuition fees at the university?

Visit the Tuition Fees list on International Scientific Cooperation Office: (Click Here)

  • How can I pay my tuition fees?

You can transfer it to our official bank accounts or hand the monetary payments in person to our staff at financial affairs office. All payments must be made prior to each semester.

  • MA/MSc and PhD
  • What is the admission process at the university?

Please contact our staff at International Scientific Cooperation Office.

  • How long will each course last?

Masters usually take up to 2-3 years and for Doctorate, this is around 4-6 years.

  • Can I apply for two courses and major at both at the same time?


  • Can I transfer my credits from my first university? Can I postpone certain credits?


  • Does the university exchange students?


  • Do I need a supervisor or a professor’s confirmation prior to the application?


  • How can I learn more about the academic interests of the faculty members of the University of Kashan?

Visit faculty members’ webpages: Click Here

  • Do I need to apply for the PhD after my graduation from a Master’s degree?


  • Thesis/Dissertation
  • Can I change my thesis title before and during my studies at the University of Kashan?


  • My realm of expertise overlaps with other majors, can I still pursue my academic interests with faculty members of the university?

Yes, contact your professor and they will help you with this request.

  • I have already gathered research data and put them into a research manuscript. Can I just revise this edition and use it as my thesis?

Not necessarily. For more info, please contact your professor and International Scientific Cooperation Office.

  • Academic Calendar
  • How many credits should PhD students pass?

12 to 16 educational credits and 18-24 for the thesis.

  • When does the academic semesters begin?

Classes in University of Kashan start usually from:

**September 20 for the first semester**  **January 20 for the second semester**

Application Deadline:

**August 21 for the first semester**  **December 21 for the second semester**

  • Job Opportunities
  • Is it possible to be a full-time employee and at the same time major at the university?


  • Should I move to Kashan to pursue my studies? Is it necessary?

Most majors require a certain time for research and classes. You should talk with your professor and coordinate with them.

  • Student Life in Kashan
  • What is so special about Kashan?

Kashan is one of the ancient cities of Iran and has always been relevant in scientific contributions to the world of knowledge. It also has many historical sites with significant beauty and history behind them.

  • What are the University of Kashan’s achievements?

University of Kashan is among the top 10 universities of Iran and among the top universities of the world, according to THE ranking (Times Higher Education Ranking).

  • Does the University of Kashan provide dormitories?

Most of the times yes but occasionally we have trouble with dormitories so we coordinate for the neighbouring complexes near university campus.

  • Are there any other options beside student dormitories?

Yes. Kashan is a tourist city; there are many options for your lodging at this city.

  • What are the food options at the university?

University of Kashan provides 4 main dishes on a daily basis. There are also other options with the restaurants active on the campus.

  • What are your library facilities? How about computers and internet access?

University of Kashan offers access to libraries at each faculty, internet access with a dedicated username and password for you and also a computer facility that provides access to IT.

  • What are the Visa requirements for studying at the University of Kashan?

Students need to verify their academic/student visa prior to their visit to the campus.

  • Are there any job opportunities at the university?

Very little teaching assistant spots are open for PhD students. There are less opportunities for other students.

  • Are there any student activities at the campus?

Yes. Scientific, research, cultural, artistic etc. activities available.

  • Are there any sport facilities available at the campus?

Yes. You can access bodybuilding, swimming pools, and sport complexes of the university on a daily basis.

  • Can I park my car in the campus?

Yes. You need to acquire the permission to do so.

  • Other Questions
  • Do I need to attend a language proficiency course prior to classes?

Yes. Unless you provide a certificate to us indicating your proficiency in Farsi, others need to participate in the courses at the university.

  • What is “Aazfaa”?

AAZFAA stands for The Persian Language Teaching Center for Non-native speakers in Persian. It is the center that will supervise the Persian training courses at the University of Kashan.

Is there a question we might have missed? Contact Us Below or Email Us at int.office@kashanu.ac.ir . We will respond within a few workdays. You can also call our staff Jafar Sayeaftabi at +983155912124 and Dr. Hamidreza Jamdar at +983155912127 both of whom can communicate in English and Arabic.


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