Vice-Chancellor for Education

Educational and Post-Graduate Education Vice-Chancellor

Dr. Mostafa Zahedifar

PhD in Physics



Educational and Post-Graduate Education Expert


Mahmoud Sajedi

Tel: +98 - 31 5591 2241


Duties of Vice-Chancellor for Education and Graduate Studies

  • Coordinating all the regulations to the related units; monitoring and supervising the proper implementation of the decrees of the Chancellor of the university;
  • Drafting regulations, instructions, and orders concerning the duties of the vice-chancellor to submit to the competent authorities for approval;
  • Presenting necessary reports on activities of related units to the Chancellor of the university;
  • Supervising the related units for ensured efficient performance;
  • Cooperating with other vice-chancellors for proper implementation of activities of the university;
  • Administrating and supervising on the proper implementation of all the educational policies, regulations, and processes based on the regulations and legislations concerning expansive approaches towards higher education;
  • Planning graduate studies’ affairs in cooperation with related units and supervising the proper implementation of subsidiary units; implementation of educational programs and activities in each faculty and evaluation of such activities; presenting reports to the Board of Directors;
  • Evaluation of educational performance of students, academic members, and directors each semester; reflecting the results of these evaluations to the chancellor and announcing it to the academic members;
  • Implementation of short-term and in-service education courses;
  • Planning on supplying the facilities and allocating the credit for scientific-educational cooperation with other academic institutes;
  • Planning educational schedule of the university in line with university prospectus, comprehensive scientific roadmap, and spatial planning;
  • Revisioning of syllabus to keep contents up-to-date; evaluation of academic members efficiency; enriching and suggesting required revisions to the ministry;
  • Planning on promotion of students’ academic and practical skills for entering the society;
  • Evaluating and supervising implementation of Iran’s comprehensive scientific roadmap in the university by coordinating with the ministry;