Important Notice on International Students Admission

21 August 2022 | 09:21 Code : 20457 University News News

This is to notify that:
International Student admissions at University of Kashan will strictly follow Ministry of Science and Research’s guidelines for ALL students of all nationalities. This indicates that:
1. Medium of Instruction for all courses is Farsi (except for English Department which will have English as its medium of instruction).

2. All students are required to submit their “Saamfa” certificate, indicating their fluency in Farsi to further their studies at University of Kashan, to finalize their admission.

3. All course are held full-time and students are required to be present at classes. No special features or exceptions are made for anyone.

University of Kashan expresses its full dedication to guidelines published by Ministry of Science and Research of Islamic Republic of Iran. Follow our official pages for other news regarding admission at University of Kashan.

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Ahmad Abdelhussain 21 August 2022 | 16:12
How can I register, directly to the university system.
Admin Reply 23 August 2022 | 18:14

Your request has been forwarded to our staff. They will contact you in the near future.