University of Kashan Holds a Series of Workshops on Analytical Instruments, Nanotechnology, and Desertification

17 February 2019 | 11:35 Code : 9576 University News News
University of Kashan Holds a Series of Workshops on Analytical Instruments, Nanotechnology, and Desertification

During a two-week span of time, University of Kashan, with the efforts of the institute’s International Scientific Cooperation Office, holds 3 international workshops for the academic members, technicians, and interested participants from Iraqi universities.

The first international workshop entitled “Advanced Analytical Instruments in Chemistry and Physics” featuring Dr. Mehrdad Moradi focused on the advanced laboratory equipment at University of Kashan such as HNMR, VSM, XRD, GC MASS, AFM, TGA, BET, Raman, HPLC, i MASS, CHNSO, SLS, DSC, and PVD. Along with Dr. Moradi, other academic members of the institute such as Dr. Mohammad Almasi Kashi and Dr. Abdolrasoul H. Ebrahimabadi incorporated to the enrichment of materials covered at this workshop.

The second workshop introduced as “Characterization, Identification, and Instrumental Analysis of Nano Materials” was offered by Dr. Majid Hayati Ashtiani, faculty member at the Faculty of Chemistry. This five-day workshop concerned itself with characterization, identification, and analysis of nano-porous and nano-structure materials using quantitative instruments. XRF, XRD, TEM and BET instrumental techniques for identification and analysis of nano related materials with emphasis on application of instrumental analysis. Method description, data analysis and instrument details with lab visit.

The last workshop specialized in geography and urban planning provide both a solid theoretical understanding and a comprehensive practical introduction to the use of geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies for desertification assessment and monitoring. “Desertification and GIS”, designed for professionals (engineers, scientists, consultants and decision-makers) active in the land degradation/environmental sector, especially those involved in planning and management of environment as well as desertification, was presented by Dr. Fatemeh Panahi and Dr. Sayyed Hojjat Mousavi.

The participants in these workshops had a meeting with the chancellor and the vice-chancellor for education of University of Kashan, Prof. Abbas Zeraat and Dr. Ghanbarali Sheikhzadeh and received certificate of attendance. They also had visits to holy shrines, historical sites, and tourist attractions of Qom, Kashan, and Isfahan to get familiar with Iraninan culture and art.  

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