Benefactors of University of Kashan

NameList of ProjectsFirst ActivityLatest Activity
Mrs. Ziba TafazzoliParticipation in Construction of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Kashan--
Dr. Abbas MazoochiConstruction of Unknown Martyrs Mausoleum - Area: 2000 Square Meter - University of Kashan--
Seyed Ali ArezegarConstruction of a Gym - Area: 400 Square Meters - University of Kashan20092009
Haj Ahmad Emami KashaniConstruction of Girls Dormitory for Higher Education Students - Area: 1200 Square Meters - University of Kashan20092009
Prof. Reza Arshadi KhozaghiConstruction of Higher Education Building (Central Laboratories) - Area: 2600 Square Meters - University of Kashan20102012
Eng. Majid RahebConstruction and Equipment Supply for Emami Dormitory - University of Kashan20102012
Eng. Abbas KhamechianParticipation in Construction of Pardis Girls Gym - University of Kashan20112012
Seyed Hossein LajevardiConstruction of Lajevardi Pardis Sports Hall - University of Kashan20112012
Alireza Assar KashaniConstruction of Assar Couples Dormitory - University of Kashan20112013
Seyed Morteza HashemianConstruction of Hashemian Couples Dormitory - Area 1100 Square Meters - University of Kashan20122014
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