Abbas Akbari’s Ceramic Tile Adds Beauty to Monumental Mural in Poland

12 February 2017 | 15:05
 Tehran Times, Tehran- A piece of tile artwork from “The Sky of Kashan” series by Iranian ceramic artist Abbas Akbari has decorated the “Let’s Meet” monumental ceramic mural in Wroclaw, Poland.

A project initiated by the Faculty of Glass and Ceramics of the Wroclaw’s Academy of Fine Arts, “Let’s Meet” displays the profound richness and diversity of ceramic art by the world’s ceramic artists, the academy has announced on its website.
262 ceramic artists from multiple art schools collaborating with Wroclaw’s Academy of Fine Arts, as well as outstanding artists from throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Australia to New Zealand attended the project, which was unveiled on November 10.
 Abbas Akbari, also, sent his ceramic tile to be placed next to the works of 262 artists from around the world to build a Ceramic Tile Mural in Poland.
Abbas Akbari is a faculty member of Architecture and Art School of University of Kashan. He was chosen as the first representative of Iran for the membership of international academy and, last August, received the bronze medal in Ceramic Exhibition of Croatia and his 4th international prize in recent years.

The mural will remain for many years to come as a testimony to events held in 2016 as well as to promote international artistic and academic partnerships.
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Source : Tehran Times