Vice-Chancellor for Finance and Administration

Vice-Chancellor for Finance

Dr. Daryoosh Dideban



Head of Office, Vice-Chancellor for Finance


Mohammad Mahdi Asgar Neshad

Tel: +98 - 31 5591 2231

Fax: +98 - 31 5551 3010


Duties of Vice-Chancellor for Administration and Finance:

  • Supervising the construction, facilities, and services contracts; administrating the executive goals of the university; estimating the budget and human resources necessary for the university; establishing financial system and implementation of regulations in administrative and financial affairs to achieve institutional goals;
  • Planning, administrating, and leading the financial affairs; preparation and implementation of construction projects within the framework of maintaining suitable physical spaces for higher education spaces;
  • Suggesting development budgets and supervising the implementation of employment, financial, constructional and contractual regulations;
  • Devising short-term, midterm, and long-term plans in order to improve the quality and quantity of education, research, and technology in the university;
  • Ensuring the proper implementation of regulation for related units by supervising on the units’ activities;
  • Supervising the constructional projects; estimating annual budget and suggesting it to the chancellor of the university.